Acne & Acne Spot Treatment

Acne or pimples are formed on the face with a cause of oily skin, pollution and any hormonal changes, which allows germs to breed on the skin. Germs can block your pores, causing swelling and redness. Generally, acne is a problem mostly faced by the teenagers. Different people have a different occurrence like some get once or twice in a while, but some get frequently attacked by this and leaves spots on the face. We offer a therapy that helps skin pores to breath and convert into the flawless skin.

There are various effective treatments are available at our clinic that deal with your skin problems. Puberty is a period of hormonal changes and the extreme creation of androgens in the body can bring about sleek skin, which results in propagation grounds for Acne Vulgaris. At the Shree Skin Hair Clinic, we give you a good treatment to avoid that irritating acne and acne spots which often occur on the face and give itchiness and pain.

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is very common and serious issue in one’s life. Hair is the front attraction of an individual so everyone wants them glossy, shiny and silky. Hair treatments deal with all solution related to hair. We see many of them complaining about hair loss. At the Shree Skin Hair Clinic, you are provided with all hair treatments such as Hair Transplantation, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Stem Cell, Mesotherapy, Micro-Needling, Home Therapy, Stem Cell Therapy And Roller Therapy.

Hair loss is a problem for both men and women, but more striking in men, physical stress and emotional has been related to hair loss. It can be caused by various reasons like hormonal changes due to any illness, pregnancy, oral contraceptives or thyroid disturbances. We offer your hair a new life with effective treatments that your hair deals with.

Skin Peeling & Skin Polishing

The skin is the very sensitive organ of the body so it should require an intensive care. Skin peeling is a treatment where a chemical solution is applied on the skin, that leads skin swelling and eventually, the skin peels off old skin. Then the new skin that comes would be flawless and have fewer wrinkles than before. This treatment is normally applied to neck, hands, and face. We offer this treatment with a good care and precautions.

Our skin polishing treatment is another process to get a new, attractive and wrinkle free skin. It is a special technique in which help dead cells to replace with new healthy cells and the skin looks clean, fresh and polished. So if you want your skin re-birth, visit our clinic, your skin will shine, glow and regains natural luster.


Mole/Skin Tag/Dark Circle Removal

Moles can be said a black spot on the body that looks bad or can be a symptom of other serious diseases, so you should always be alert when you see any mole or tag on the body. Acrochordon, a scientific name of skin tag refer as benign, non-cancerous skin growth. In other words, skin tag can be known as hanging skin growth. Here at Shree Skin Hair Clinic, we offer a laser mole and skin treatments that’ll get you rid of a skin tag and mole.

It’s just embarrassing when your face is glowing, but you have under the dark-eyed circle. The eye treatments at our clinic include extreme beat light treatment, eye cream, injecting fillers and skin reemerging. It can cause by allergies, pigmentation irregularities, smoking, sun exposure, drinking. Anyway, before you pick one, it’s imperative to decide the causes.


Laser Treatment

Over recent 20 years, huge advances in laser innovation have changed their utilization in the treatment of many skin situations and congenital faults, including vascular and pigmented sores, and the evacuation of tattoos, wrinkles and scars. There are various diverse sorts of lasers that vary in radiated light wavelengths and power ranges and in their capacity to clump, cut, or vaporize tissue. Our laser treatments offer you Laser scar removal, Microneedling, Pigmentation Removal, Collagen induction therapy (CIT), Chemical Peeling, Myofascial, and Oxy facial.

We provide our clients a special treatment care to deal with their diseases. Laser treatments don’t take much time like surgery. These days, a wide spectrum of laser light technologies is provided for skin issues. With laser, those small spots are focused with huge energy. Laser treatments are less painful and much faster than electrolysis. Other laser treatments include Skin polishing, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Dermal Fillers, Medical Facial, Excessive sweat control, and Skin analysis, all are given by us.

Brightening Treatment

Many Bollywood actresses have taken brightening treatment. Brightening treatment includes skin lighting, whitening, and bleaching processes.  We offer skin brightening treatment in which certain chemicals are utilized to lighten the skin tone, even complexion and decreasing the concentration of melanin by which our color is determined.

Our brightening treatment service, a light Microdermabrasion is applied to remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin, thereafter, lactic acid peel,  it acts skin clarifying agent and is a gentle substance. With our treatment works on facial tanning and pigmentation. For an optimum result, the expert has advised 4 to 6 sessions at every 15-day intervals.


Vitiligo is the kind of two colored spots, white and black. It happens due to stop functioning of pigment-producing cells or die. Skin color loss can affect any part of the body, including hair, mouth, and eyes. This disease might be more noticeable with the dark complexion people.

In this disease, people get white patches on the skin and many of the serious cases it covers the whole body. Vitiligo affects one in hundred and can occur at any time, this lead to depression. We at Shree Skin Hair Clinic, experts provide you vitiligo treatment. It is to be mentioned that treatment may improve the appearance of the skin spots, but can’t treat the disease from the root.


Lipolisys By Laser

Laser Lipolysis is a painless treatment which is done to reduce the unwanted fat from the body with the help of fiber optic laser heat. The technique is simply persistent because it normally works in the small areas of the body and leads to quick curing time. Visit our clinic to try that this treatment will get rid of your extra fat and give a slim body and attractive looks.

In this technique, the skin also gets tight and the production of the protein collagen stimulated. Our liposuction treatment removes a huge amount of fat by our vacuum suction. Often, result in the saggy skin, but at the other point Lipolysis treatment tightens the skin, but only to small areas of the body. So, our expert normally suggests both liposuction and laser lipolysis treatment give proper shape to the patient’s body.