Top 9 Vitiligo Skin Treatments, Causes, and Symptoms

vitiligo skin treatments

We have often seen some people with two colors, i.e. white and black.  Those white spots called Safed Daag in common language. This is actually a disorder of skin pigmentation or by dead cells that don’t create the pigmentation. This disease is known as Vitiligo which is a condition where white patches occur on the skin. It can occur on any part of the body which is affected and if not cured in time it can cover the whole of the body. Also, many of the clinics provide vitiligo skin treatments with an effective cost.

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It is the skin disease which is characterized by the patches on the skin caused by losing skin pigmentation. The patches on the skin are usually being of white color and have a sharp margin. In fact, the hair in the affected areas also becomes white. It also involved mouth and nose from inside. Basically, both the side of the body part is affected by this disease. These patches are more exposed to the sun and are more noticeable on the people with darker skin. People who are suffering from vitiligo disease may take stress about their skin lost pigment.



In the past years, vitiligo was difficult to cure, but in recent times, many  vitiligo skin treatments are available and certain medicines and creams which are prescribed by the physicians. Now let us understand the cause in depth.




As we all know that vitiligo is caused due to the skin losing its pigmentation. In this disease, pigment producing cells die or stop producing ‘melanin’. Melanin is the pigment from where your hair, skin, and eyes get its color. When the cells died the skin get patches and they become lighter or white. Unfortunately, experts don’t know why the cells die or fail to produce pigment. Although, there are certain reasons why it happens–


Vitiligo Causes
  • Disorder of the immune system which attacks and damaged the melanin producing cells in the skin.
  • May be heredity cause.
  • By sunburn, stress or maybe by coming into the contact with the industrial chemical.
  • Lost of melanin pigment in the skin.
  • It may be by the viral cause
  • An autoimmune condition where your body starts its own cells instead of defending from the germ.


These reasons are the outcomes of most of the research by the experts. Officially, vitiligo is not a transmittable disease that means it is not transferable from a diseased person to normal people.

Approx less than 1% of the population suffered from vitiligo and it does not have any ethnic discrimination, age or sex. Although, it searched for most of the cases that it starts from the age of  20.

Comparably, vitiligo symptoms and signs differ from person to person. It is more prominent in darker skinned or tanned skin person. Continue read for more about vitiligo skin treatments.


Types of VItiligo


Vitiligo has been often two types– Nonsegmental and segmental vitiligo.


Vitiligo classification

Non–Segmental Vitiligo


This is the most common type of vitiligo and over 90% of the people have the non-segmental disorder. Under this, patches appear on both sides of the body with an even measure. The patches normally appear on the skin areas that are exposed to the sun daily such as face, neck, hands and other areas like back, knees, arms, elbows, and feet. The non-segmental is further divided into the following:

  • Generalized– no limit on area and size of patches. Also, it is the most common type of vitiligo.
  • Acrofacial– appears mostly on the fingers and toes.
  • Mucosal– often appear around the mucous membranes and lips.
  • Universal– covers most of the body part.
  • Focal– few white patches in discrete areas occur mostly in young children.


Segmental Vitiligo


This type of vitiligo spreads faster, but is more constant and stable than non-segment type. It occurs about 10% of the people with vitiligo. Though in a survey of vitiligo, segmental vitiligo is more noticeable in early age groups,  mostly affecting 30% of children.

It can occur in any shape and size on both sides of the body, that means, it is non-symmetrical. Usually, it affects to those areas that attached to the nerves. In some of the people, it is acquiring a handful of white dots that develop no further. Others develop with large white patches that join affecting larger areas of the skin.




Generally, vitiligo caused by the losing pigment of the skin. The first white spot is noticeable on that part of the body which is continually exposed to the sun. Initially, the white spot occurs as a simple and small which is paler.  Later, when it is not noticed it getter bigger and paler and paler with a little inflamed red tone edge, may cause sometimes itchiness. Other than these symptoms,  it does not cause anymore type of irritation such as dryness, soreness of the skin.

The experts advised patients not to expose the skin to the direct sunlight for a long period of time. Above we have mentioned that how does the vitiligo starts (symptoms). Further, we see the vitiligo skin treatments.


How to treat vitiligo at home



1. Papaya

Papaya is a delicious fruit and is also used for various skin treatments and to cure internal diseases. Well, Papaya also used to treat vitiligo. Here are few steps to apply papaya to treat vitiligo:


  • Cut papaya into certain pieces
  • Apply those pieces onto the white patches.
  • Wait to get it dry and again apply the other piece of papaya.
  • Do this every day.
  • You may also drink papaya juice to relieve melanin cells caused by vitiligo.


2. Red Clay

Red clay can found on the river banks in Asia, Africa, and South America. It contains the copper, which helps in vitiligo skin treatments.


Red Clay
  • Mix two tablespoons of red clay with a tablespoon of ginger juice.
  • Apply it on affected areas and rub it.
  • Repeat this process daily to get rid of vitiligo.
  • Ginger juice allows flowing the blood in the spot areas.


3. Reduce Stress

Stress is a cause of many serious diseases, similarly, it is the cause of vitiligo. So, reduce your stress by doing meditation, do yoga and take the time to relax. Also, change your favorite food in your diet.


4. Protect Your Skin

As the white patch mostly is the reason of coming into the contact with the sunlight.  So, cover your body when you go out in the sun or protect yourself by applying sunscreen. Avoid damaging from the sun will prevent side effects and sunburn.


5. Avoid Getting A Tattoo

Tattoo attracts everyone, but you should try tattoos when getting vitiligo. May be a new tattoo will lead to new vitiligo. So avoid getting tattoos to get rid of vitiligo.


6. Margosa Leaves (Neem leaves)

Margosa or neem leaves are one of the effective vitiligo skin treatments and many other diseases. Its seeds, bark, and leaves used in several medicines. Ways to apply–


Margosa Leaves
  • Mix clean margosa leaves and blend it.
  • Add a teaspoon of honey into it and mix.
  • Drink this mixture daily to get rid of vitiligo.


7. Drink Water

Have a habit to drink plenty of water every day in a sufficient amount. As solutions of many skin diseases connected to it only. Drink water, which stored in a copper utensil for a long time.


8. Lime Juice And Basil Leaves

Basil leaves contain the anti aging properties that cure the skin disorder. The mixture of lime juice and basil leaves will allow cells to produce melanin.

  • Take basil leaves and take out the extract from it.
  • Mix it with lime juice.
  • Apply this mixture daily for 6 months to get rid of vitiligo.


9. Walnuts

Walnuts are a great source of protein and several vitamins. Eating daily walnuts will result in a good health additionally get rid of many skin disorders.


  • Grind walnut to make powder.
  • Take some teaspoon of walnut powder and add water to make a paste.
  • Apply this paste on the affected areas 3-4 times a day and get it dry for 15-20 minutes.
  • Wash it off with water.


 Try this remedy daily for 2 months to produce the melanin pigment.


Vitiligo Skin Treatments


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